Thrifted Favorites

Hi girls!

We’re currently mid-summer, mid-year, and this is a great time to revise your closet and bring in a few new pieces.

I always feel that thrift stores carry tons of hidden gems and every time I walk into one I’m taken back to when I first started thrifting almost a decade ago. It’s easy to love brand new, fresh off the rack pieces, but sometimes I feel like I leave my thrifted faves out in the cold.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite thrifted pieces who deserve a little time in the spotlight.

Scarf belt · Cut-off 501 Levis

White Fur Coat

Vintage Menswear Vest, 1980s

Vintage Denim Mini-Skirt, 1980s · Silver Earrings, 1990s

Black Jumpsuit · Dooney & Burke belt bag


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