Skincare Meets Makeup {Glossier}

I haven’t always been very skincare conscious, but a trip to Paris in the spring of 2016 changed all of that. Since then my skincare has become a high finessed routine with each product undergoing an extreme vetting process. It makes me months to fall in love with a product and it’s tough to break into the list of my favorites (explore my favorite face masks here!).

Glossier has been a company that I kept my eye on, but regarded as a hyped-up, not much substance, trendy brand. Through an affiliate link I was offer 15% off my first order and figured that if there was a time to test the brand this was it.

Six months later and the only regret I have about placing that first order is a financial one. I have yet to be disappointed with a product I’ve tried. There are a few that weren’t my style, but none that didn’t live up to their promises. I’m also a huge fan of any company that stands behind their product and has excellent customer service. I can vouch for Glossier’s amazing customer support, but online and in store.

Here are a few of my favorite products:

Milky Jelly Cleanser | $18

I’m currently on my third bottle of this stuff and I cannot get enough. After years of using face washes and cleansers that had salicylic acid and other acne fighters in them I was nervous for the switch. I absolutely love this stuff and have not looked back.

I love to use one pump on a dry face to loosen up and remove make up, rinse with water, and then use 1-2 pumps on my wet skin to really cleanse my skin. It has definitely helped with my skin’s all over texture & tone without drying it out after every use – it’s almost hydrating itself!

*It smells amazing too.


Lip Gloss | $14

’90s babies rejoice! It’s the same high gloss you begged your mom to buy you from Claire’s without the chunky glitter and hair attracting stickiness. I cannot say enough good things about this little tube of gloss, I use it non-stop and it lasts and lasts and lasts. If you are on the fence I hope this review pushes you over the edge because trust me you will not regret it.

*I also love using this over Cherry Balm Dotcom or just a lip pencil.


Cloud Paint | $18

I am not ashamed to say I own every color of Glossier’s Cloud Paint. Each serves it’s own purpose and I highly suggest these, especially if you are a #makeupminimalist who wants the fastest possible ways to look 10/10. Here’s how I use each shade:

  • Puff is the perfect rosy pink for spring! I dot and blend this on both my cheeks and lips to make my face look alive without too much effort. Perfect for when I’m running late!
  • I use Haze on my cheeks and lips similar to Puff, but for me this is more of a Fall/Winter berry shade so I like to save it for chiller days. Occasionally I’ll mix a little in with Puff to deepen the color.
  • Beam is my go to when I have a tan and Puff’s cool-toned pinkness needs a little warming up.
  • Dusk is a little too deep for me to use on my cheeks, but I love it as both a contour shade and on my eyelids to add a little depth to my socket line.


Priming Moisturizer | $22

The claims that this can be used as a priming isn’t something that I agree with, but all over the moisturizer is exactly what you want for #summerskincare. It’s lightweight, melts quickly into your skin, and doesn’t leave a film. I also find that it leaves an almost velvety feel to my skin, similar to a primer but without the make up staying power.

*This does contain retinol so be sure to use sunscreen with it!


Super Pure | $28

This little vial packs a punch. Full disclaimer, I know several people who didn’t get any positive effects from this, but I felt it did wonders. Using Super Pure regularly kept my skin’s oily nature in check all day and prevented those dreaded PMS break outs.


Lash Slick | $16

Highly skeptical would be an understatement for how I felt trying lash slick for the first time. But within moments I was hooked. It is a fibrous mascara that adds gentle volume and amazing length to your lashes, while maintaining a very natural look. It’s flake proof, smudge proof, waterproof (even though they say it isn’t), and amazingly sweat/gym proof.

*If you’d like a little more glam from your lashes use Lash Slick as a base coat and top with either Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara or Lancôme Grandiôse Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara.


Cherry Balm Dotcom | $12

This guy could easily be placed under makeup as well as it’s tinted with a perfect “just bitten” shade of cherry. I could do without the scent, but otherwise this product is a slam dunk for me. I love how it makes my lips feel, not only immediately after application but also several hours down the line.




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