Blending In

Last weekend was my sister’s graduation from Muhlenberg College and like any family fun there were a few hiccups along the way, the first and biggest being that when Kev and I packed the car for the weekend we forgot to bring his button downs! Of course, we didn’t realize until we arrived on her campaign and needless to say we were not going to attend the weekend’s events without a few collared shirts. We hightailed it to the nearest store to try and find a few shirts for Kev and I may have wandered into the dress section… where I found this adorable number.

There are a few things I look for in dresses:

  • Hem line – I’m 5’3″ and all leg, so if the hem cannot of a dress comes past my mid-thigh I instantly look tiny. Bonus points for a rounded hem (higher on the sides than the front & back).
  • Waist that hits at my actual waistline, these are far and few between.
  • Versatility! A one-off, one-time dress is not my thing. I want something I can wear to work, on the weekend, to happy hour, season-to-season and everywhere in between.

This dress checked all the boxes and was that beautiful olive green I am so in love with, I had to take her home. In just under a week I won this same dress to my sister’s graduation dinner, Sunday brunch, and to work proving that with the right accessories you really can Make It Work.


Shoes: CONVERSE | Shoreline

Belt Bag: DOONEY & BURKE | Vintage

Sunglasses : RAY-BAN | Original Wayfarer 50mm *black

Shop this look…

Tgs: #dress #green #springstyle

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