In My City: Little Red Fox

I don’t remember the first time I went to Little Red Fox, but it feels like I’ve been going there forever. While we adore Bread Furst for a weekend walk & brunch destination there’s something about the breakfast that makes it special. Maybe it’s their house hot sauce or their lox sandwiches. Maybe it’s their crackly-crusted loaves of bread. Maybe it’s their breakfast burrito that seems so simple, yet I have been unable to replicate to perfection. Regardless, they hold a special place in our weekends and in our hearts.

A favorite aspect of LRF is that they stock local wear and products. Think: honey from our neighbor’s backyard beehive and treats from a local chocolatier. As you wait in line your eyes start to swim with all options they so thoughtfully have included in their storefront. After ordering you can choose to sit inside, observing the bustling nature of their barista bar, or outside and soak in the rhythm of Connecticut Ave.

The capstone to a weekend morning spent at LRF is that it so beautifully blends into an afternoon at Politics and Prose, the aptly-named bookstore next door.

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