It’s Actually Pretty Easy Being Green…

Kermit doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s pretty easy to be green. It’s an earthy color full of vivacity and life, and incredibly wearable.

I’ve been having a serious green moment lately, particularly with how different shades of green hold different meanings and feelings. The first time I wore green eye shadow I felt invincible. Not sure if it was the being 14 and experimenting with my first ever makeup palette, or if it was that I had chosen the most electric shade of lime green. My shade preference has definitely developed over the years, but I still love a good shade of green.

Maybe it’s because of my eye color or growing up in the country surrounded by leafy trees, but a deep, olive-hunter green will always be my go-to. There is a certain comfortability and, even when it’s not a violent, lime color green, invincibility to the color. When colors give you nostalgia it’s amazing how much you find yourself reaching for them.

Tgs: #colormood #green

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