My Take On Trends That Go Out of Style

Trends change faster than the weather, but we don’t all have the bank accounts to survive a revolving door wardrobe. And why should we want to? I love diving into Vogue and streaming the #NYFW runway shows, but what I’ve found is that while trends change, style never goes of season. Finding the style that works for you and your body is one of the best feelings and if it works, why change it?


Style is a classic look. Something that makes you look and feel fantastic because it compliments you, your body type, and who you are (your personal style). One of my favorite Youtuber’s, Justine Leconte, has several videos about how to dress for your body and can be a great resource when beginning to build out your wardrobe or identifying your body type.

Trends are importantly different than style. They change seasonally and keeping up can make your head spin. The sheer volume of new lines and trends that roll out at every #fashionweek is monumental, but don’t feel overwhelmed! Treat trends as a way to test drive new pieces or silhouettes you wouldn’t normally include in your repertoire. It’ll save you $ and embarrassing photos from when you thought the “dad sneaker” was necessary.

Remember, you are wearing the clothes, they should not be wearing you. If you don’t feel comfortable, confident, and know you look amazing then chances are the clothes are wearing you! Trying something new and out of the box can be a scary moment, but knowing that you are dressing yourself according to your own style and body type can be the encouragement needed to try something daring. EX: When I wore denim on denim and found out that it is the most me look there is.

“I know that’s such a cliché to say, but I think it’s so true. I don’t care about a trend. If something is super-hot that season, but it looks hideous on me — I want to be able to look back in 10 years and think, Oh, I looked appropriate and I looked good, and hopefully classic. So don’t be a slave to a trend.” -Tan France

Building a strong wardrobe, full of pieces that flatter your shape and personal style, can be a lifelong mission. It can take years of skimming racks, diving through bargain bins, and (my personal favorite) perusing thrift stores to find the pieces that make you you! But using seasonal trends as moments to check out new styles and then selecting the best to compliment you is a great way to build out your wardrobe while savings yourself from the bottomless pit of the “fashion cycle”.

Clothes are a way to embrace and express who you are. Don’t feel pressured to fit the mold of the latest “trend”, because if it isn’t working for you, it doesn’t work.


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