Checking In: where we’re going

“Enjoy yourself; that’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons. Your 40s are to pay for the drinks.”

Sex and the City


Sadly I have to disagree with one of my favorite, fictitious (although she’s quite alive in my mind) characters, Carrie Bradshaw. Your 20s are for more than just enjoying yourself, your 20s are the time to lay a foundation for your career, relationships, morals, and to find where you stand and fit into the larger picture.

I’ve always set massive, 10 y down the line goals for myself. I know that by the time I am 35 I want to be full time devoted to an entrepreneurial project that I have created. I’ve started and stopped so many small projects that I’m taking with Molly one day at a time. No pressure, just enjoying the process.


I think the realization that in my mid-20s I still know nothing and that I am just waking up to who I am and what I want has been incredibly grounding for me. It’s made me wake up and toss out the “oh me oh my” routine that baby boomers claim plague my millennial generation.

Getting myself to NYC by my birthday (end of October) is a huge goal for myself, and something that I was surprised to see on paper. There are a lot of things that need to happen before I get there. I’m digging myself out of debt, keeping my head above water at work, and planning for a future with my boyfriend. Getting myself to NYC by my birthday…is a huge goal for myself, and something that I was surprised to see on paper.

Digging into my financial life, and seeing where I need to make cuts and adjustments to reach my goal of moving to NYC is something that has put me in the driver’s seat of my own life. I started this project at more than $8K in CC debt. After nearly six weeks of trimming back in every way I can, learning how to not online shop and fill my time with other things, and learning how to skip eating out in order to save $, I have knocked that number down to $3,652. This is a huge success for me and made me that if I want something I have to go for it. Sitting around hoping that my boyfriend will get an NYC job and I can ride to my dream city on his coattails is ridiculous and childish.

It seems like this should be the most obvious, but it wasn’t to me, until now.

Setting a massive goal for myself, to dig out of $8K+ debt, save more than $15K, and move to NYC without a job, just to chase a dream, that’s a new frontier for me. I spent four years of dreaming of New York, taking day trips every chance I could, and focusing on someday instead of taking ownership of the situation and slapping a tangible date on someday.


Someday isn’t coming. I’m using my 20s to find and kick out all the places in my mind where I focus on an aspiration without working for it. We are surrounded by aspirational marketing every day, through social media, magazines, and more. Trust me, I know, it’s my job.

I thought I would move to the city of my dreams someday, but I decided to determine when someday will be.

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