In My City: The Den


The café aptly named The Den, located in the basement of a locally owned bookstore is my refuge. My other favorite bakery has a no-wifi and, subsequently, a no-laptops policy. Rather than having people stare at screens they wanted people staring at each other. A perfect atmosphere for a Sunday morning latté it lacked the digital sustenance I found myself needing today.

In the middle of jotting down a to-do list and conjuring content ideas, I was struck with a moment of introspective clarity about the smallest detail of my life. I always place my coffee, latté, anything to the right of my computer. Left-handed I end up performing this crossover maneuver anytime the need for caffeine strikes. Mentally taking inventory I found no time that I had placed it on the left — in the most convenient position.

Left with a few moments to do nothing, but ponder my latest revelation I wondered how else I had been getting in my own way. Unable to find another example I was left to ponder two possibilities: I had no other issue or I have to wait another 23 years to find out.

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