On My Mind: Politics


Has anyone else seen this bold trend? It’s not stripes, mini skirts, or light denim wash and you won’t find it at fashion week. In an age where gathering information is as easy as logging onto Facebook, a trip to the library, or a few words typed into Google it’s amazing that more people don’t know about current events. Or just basic facts about the world.

It seems to me that most people have settled into this comfortability with ignoring their ignorance. I know that I did.

When I realized I was doing it I just pretended it wasn’t happening, as if that is a mature and reasonable way of creating change.

As someone who used to be at the forefront of social justice issues, participating in numerous environmental rallies, and be loud and proud about my opinions on the issues we face today, I was shocked at myself. I turned 22 recently and I had regressed my maturity and responsibility in the world to that of a 9-year-old. I was contributing nothing.

And that has become a bold and common theme. And I’m tired of it. More people should dive into the news, beyond what appears on their newsfeed. If we don’t, imagine what will happen when the 20-somethings in this world are the voting majority in tomorrow’s.

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