In My Home: A New Family Member


Friday, September 11th K and I when out to dinner and then stopped at our local grocery to pick up a few things we needed: cleaning supplies, paper towels, etc. On the walk home K heard a noise that I was sure was a bird chirping. That “bird” turned out to be a tiny calico kitten, stuck in a bush outside of a Burger King next to a busy road.

She was all alone and after trying to rescue her K and I accidentally scared her and she took off running. Knowing that she was alone, that the weather was getting bad, and that it was such a dangerous area for a small kitten K and I searched for her. As soon as she was away from us she had hidden behind some old milk crates and started meowing again. I scooped her up, wrapped her in my sweatshirt, and K + I started our mile long walk home with our new addition.

We kept her separate from the cat that we already had at home and gave her food, water, and a warm spot to cuddle for the night. We planned to take her to the Humane Society, but that was over a week ago. Since then she hasn’t been named, just affectionately called ‘Kitten’, become very close with our other cat, had a vet check up, and gone through a course of medicine.

Our little 1.5lb kitten is already gaining weight and she’s a peppy + energetic little thing. K and I have made no formal plans to get rid of her or adopt her, nevertheless, she’s sleeping on my chest right now and I’m confident that she’s found her new forever home.

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